Why Foster?

  • Fostering is the cornerstone of our adoption program – it is vital to saving lives.  The pure, simple, and sad reality is that if we do not have foster homes available, we cannot take in the cats that need our help.
  • Fostering is not finding a cure for cancer or solving world hunger.  Frankly, most people are not able to do those things, but almost anyone can foster!
  • Foster homes are the bridge between what was and what can be.  Foster parents are the pathway to a new life for the cats.  Fostering provides an opportunity to grow, to heal, and to change lives.  And for the love you give to the cats, you will receive it back – tenfold.
  • For saving their lives, the cats will give you their hearts and their trust.  And in return, you will give them yours knowing it might break when it is time for them to move on.  But you have saved a life and another foster will come to learn, to live, and to love.
  • There is nothing more rewarding than watching a cat come into its own and become a healthy, happy, and well adjusted pet.

Ready to foster?  Please contact Alley Cats and Angels now.  We will be with you every step of the way.

 What Does it Take to be a Foster Parent?

As a foster parent, you need to have the time to care for your foster kitties, giving them the time and attention to ensure that they are comfortable around potential adopters.  You may have to administer medications and monitor their health, weight, and temperature.  You will want to become familiar with their individual personalities so that you can assist our adoption counselors in placing them in the best “forever” home.  You may also be asked to provide additional purrsonality information to potential adopters to help determine if your foster cats are a fit.

Foster Parent Responsibilities:

  • Provide safe, clean, warm, indoor housing and care for cat(s) or kitten(s).
  • Provide love, care, and socialization to the cats/kittens in your care.  This is a very important responsibility and is also one of the most fun aspects of fostering.
  • Provide food and litter (these are considered a donation; please keep your receipts for tax purposes).  We can provide food and litter when it is donated or in special circumstances.
  • Make cats available for adoption events

Alley Cats and Angels’ Responsibilities:

  • Provides training, guidance, and lots of moral support
  • Pays medical bills and provides all necessary medications
  • Provides adoption screenings and many adoption venues

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