Hi, I’m Hennessy! My foster mom tells me what a sweet and friendly kitten I am! I greet her when she gets home, and I love it when she picks me up and walks around with me. Sometimes she takes too long, and I must tell her so because I had such an exciting day. I sure do love attention!

There are two dogs in my foster home, and at first, I was so scared of them, but now we play together all the time! I should mention that I am very playful, but I also love to snuggle. When my foster mom watches TV, I love to snuggle up next to her and fall asleep.

Hennessy gets along with cats of all ages and dogs and is a very easy-going kitten that adjusts quickly to new environments.

The French Spirits were born with Alley Cats and Angels when their very friendly mom, Mirabelle, was pulled from a local while she was very pregnant.

Fully vetted: tested for FeLV/FIV (negative unless otherwise noted); treated for intestinal parasites, fleas, and ear mites; FVRCP+FeLV vaccinated (initial vaccination and booster); and rabies vaccinated; spayed/neutered; microchipped with rescue paid registration.