Adopting during COVID-19


As of July 6, 2020, we will move back into the Petsmart adoption centers; but all adoption events are still suspended due to COVID-19.  However, you can still adopt from us. We encourage you to stay up to date with our available cats and kittens through our social media pages.

  1. Due to social distancing and the health and safety of our volunteers, meet and greets are done via video conference so you are able to talk to the foster and see how the cat interacts with people, etc.
  2. If you wish to adopt, submit an online application The application will be reviewed by our team as quickly as possible. Paper applications are not accepted at this time.
  3. All adoption paperwork and fees will be done digitally, and you will be sent an invoice via PayPal to pay the adoption fee.
  4. We will coordinate an appointment to either have you pick up the cat from the foster home or meet at a local PetSmart.
  5. You will bring a carrier to the coordinated location and set it down and stand back at least 6 feet. The volunteer will take the carrier and place the cat in the carrier, put medical record on top of carrier and step back at least 6 feet.  You can then take your newest family member home.
  6. We are not doing adoption photos but would like our adopters to follow-up with a photo when they get home and settled.

AC&A receives multiple applications each and the cat/kitten you are applying for today may not be available by the time your application is approved. We have several adoption counselors working these applications and each one does their best to ensure the cat/kitten your requested is available. But be aware that by the time your application is approved, the kitten you were interested in may already be adoption pending. We go through multiple steps to ensure our cats/kittens go to a home that is well suited for the adopter and our cat/kitten.


Unfortunately spay/neuter is still limited as it is not considered essential by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association and some of the vets we work with are not performing or scheduling spay/neuter surgeries at this time.  Alley Cats and Angels is committed to helping end pet over-population and has a 100% spay/neuter before adoption policy.  However, we also have many kittens that should be available for adoption during this time that won’t be because they will not yet be fully vetted.  Therefore, during COVID-19, we will let kittens be fostered to adopt. Meaning, the approved applicant can foster the kitten they want to adopt with the adoption done after the kitten has finalized vetting.  Kittens not yet available for adoption due to not being spayed/neutered can be found on our Kitten Alley Facebook Page in the “More Cats/Kittens Coming Soon” album.

  1. If you are interested in fostering to adopt, we ask that you submit an adoption application and note that you are interested in fostering to adopt.
  2. We will arrange a virtual “meet and greet”
  3. All foster to adopt paperwork will be done digitally
  4. An invoice will be sent via PayPal for a $50 deposit towards the adoption fee. The deposit will be applied to the adoption fee which will be paid in full at time of adoption.  The deposit is to help ensure adopters are serious and not just looking for a cat for a month while they are under SIP mandate
  5. Foster to adopt homes must be able to take kittens for vaccinations. Foster to adopt homes must be able to take the cat(s) to whichever vet we can get spay/neuter scheduled at.
  6. After final vetting, Alley Cats and Angels will arrange a time to finalize the adoption.

Our Barn Cat program is on hold until further notice.


We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you and your family stay healthy during this uncertain time.