Alley Cats and Angels’ philosophy is that all cats have the basic
right to receive the love and security they deserve, regardless
of their history, current medical problems, temperament, or age.
We persevere in all cases and dedicate extensive time and effort
into socializing kittens from feral colonies– kittens that did not
benefit from the best start in life. Our philosophy is further
evidenced by our barn/garden cat program, which allows us to
find safe alternative homes for cats that are unsuited for an indoor
environment. Alley Cats and Angels is the only rescue group in
North Carolina with a dedicated barn/garden cat program.

We open our homes and hearts to our rescued felines. We provide
them with unconditional love and a second chance at a happy and
long life–whether they are friendly cats in our adoption program or
high-risk feral cats awaiting a barn home – they all deserve gentle
words, human kindness, and love.

We are, and will always be, advocates for the forgotten felines.