Alley Cats and Angels is an all-volunteer organization with extremely
low administrative costs. We do not receive any municipal, city, state
or federal funds. All the money to support the rescue comes from our
individual donations. Donations are used to offset the costs of the
medical and daily care of the cats in our programs. Alley Cats and
Angels has 501(c)(3) tax exempt status – all donations made to
Alley Cats and Angels are tax deductible

Your donation will help save lives
and end pet overpopulation.
Donate Today
Memorial or Honorary Donation

You can make an In Memory or an In Honor of Donation to recognize a special family member, friend, or pet. Visit our giving page and select Dedicate this Donation. You can chose to have us send an acknowledgement either my email or a custom made card that will will mail. You may also chose to not send an acknowledgement.

Join our Recurring Gift Program

Become a regular sustainer for Alley Cats and Angels through our recurring giving program! Visit our giving page, where you can select your dollar amount and frequency (weekly, monthly or quarterly).

Give to our Alter an Alley Cat program.

The Alter an Alley Cat program is a key component in our fight against pet overpopulation. To make a gift to support this program, visit our giving page and designate your gift to the Alter and Alley Cat fund in the drop down menu.

Did you know there are other ways to donate?

IRAs, 401K, Life Insurance
Alley Cats and Angels can be named as a beneficiary upon death for many types of accounts, such as an IRA or 401(k), as well as being named a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. These types of donations allow your heirs to avoid estate and income taxes.

Stocks, Bonds, & Annuities
This type of donation may generate multiple tax benefits, one being a charitable income tax deduction of the market value on the date the asset is received by Alley Cats and Angels. Another benefit is there is no capital gains tax on the appreciation. This form of donating is also convenient because most securities are transferred electronically. If you would like to make a stock donation, Alley Cats and Angels has an account set up with Charles Schwab.

Firm name: Charles Schwab
DTC Number: 0164

Account Number: 5439-3914

If you make a stock, bond, or annuities donation, please email with the details so we can send you a donation receipt.  Thank you.

Shop to Give
Sign up at and start shopping. When you shop at one of the stores in their program a portion of your purchase price is donated to the rescue. The participating stores do this at no extra costs to you!