Alley Cats and Angels began our incredible journey in response to a need to relocate a large number of feral cats
who were in imminent danger in their environment. In August 2007, after taking over a very large feral cat colony
that was no longer safe in their environment, a long-time cat lover explored options for relocating feral cats.
After much research, she recognized the need for a rescue group in North Carolina that not only rescued, socialized,
and adopted out friendly cats and kittens found in feral colonies, but also a rescue focused on feral cats. In response
to this need, Alley Cats was founded in February 2008. With a board comprised of cat lovers and fellow
feral cat advocates, Alley Cats and Angels is operated with the goal of being an “advocate for forgotten felines.”

Our first official milestone as an organization came in February 2009 when Alley Cats gained our 501(c)(3) non-profit status.